Declaration, certification of products in the Eurasian Economic Union



LLC "BelProjectConsulting" provides all types of services related to the certification of products and the certificates receipt of products of its own production of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 

For our corporate clients, we assist in obtaining certificates/declarations of compliance with the Customs Union technical regulations.

We cooperate with various Certification Bodies and testing laboratories - that is why you can choose the interesting and advantageous option for you always. We will limit your worries and headaches regarding the documents gethering, the time required to find the best option for certification, movement and contacts! We will do our best for you!

Confirmation of compliance (certification, declaration, state registration) - activities aimed at confirming the compliance of certain products, services or activities with established standards and legislative acts.



The procedure for certification of products (services) is carried out within the framework of the national system of conformity assessment. The certificate of conformity is an official document confirming that the certified products meet the established requirements. Certification could be mandatory (according to the Unified list of goods subject to compulsory certification) and voluntary (by the manufacturer or supplier initiative).
The Unified list of goods subject to compulsory certification (certification and declaration) in Belarus is approved by Decree of December 16, 2008 60, as well as by the current Technical Regulations of the Customs Union. One can see which technical regulations are put into effect on the ECE official website.



 Within the framework of the Customs Union (CU), the Declaration of Products procedure is conducted, as a result of which a Declaration of Conformity is issued, and the products are marked with the EAC sign. It is forbidden to mark products with the EAC sign, for which the declaration of conformity  is mandatory and which did not pass it within the established period, and the circulation of products on the territory of the CU is forbidden.

Products subject to declaration of conformity within the CU:

Food products, food additives, flavors, motor oils, special fluids (antifreeze, brake fluids, etc.), lubricants, building materials, pyrotechnic products, furniture, electrical appliances, personal protective equipment, light industry products, perfumes and cosmetics goods, packaging, toys, products intended for children and adolescents.



State registration is carried out in order to assess the conformity of products, which poses a potential hazard to the life and health of the population.
Products subject to state registration:
Mineral water (until 15.02.15); biologically active additives; certain types of cosmetic products (for sunburn, for bleaching, children's cosmetics, hair dyes, depilation, oral hygiene products); disinfectants; household chemical goods; personal hygiene items; items for children's up to three years (until 15.02.15); filters, filtering materials.



  • efficiency in problems solving (from 1 day);
  • solving problems on products certification (declaration) for the most complex technological and production areas;
  • cooperation with authoritative and verified certification bodies;
  • minimum prices;
  • free consultation.


  • preliminary consultation;
  • existing documents analysis , filing an application;
  • testing products documentation preparation ;
  • selection, identification and transfer of product samples for testing;
  • maintenance of the production analysis by an expert and issuing an opinion;
  • the required documentation preparation for filing an application with an accredited Certification Body;
  • obtaining a certificate or declaration of conformity.


Information that the client have to provide:

  • product description;
  • ТН ВЭД code (if known);
  • samples for further testing (if tests are required);
  • the necessary documents package depending on the product  type (after consultation).