ISO 50001



ISO 50001 (2011) "Energy management systems" is an international standard established by the International Organization for Standardization for the Power Systems Management, which defines the requirements for the development, implementation, certification and improvement of the energy management system, the purpose of which is to give the ability to organize an effective management tool to follow the system approach in achieving a consistent improvement of the energy system, including energy efficiency, energy security and energy consumption.

Standard ISO 50001 provides any organization, regardless of its size, territorial or geographic location, a full strategy of actions in managerial and technical areas to improve the organization energy system efficiency .
The standard has a high degree of compatibility with the standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.


A company that has built and established the work of a quality energy management system, gets the opportunity:

  • to improve the production cycle;
  • to conduct effective energy saving measures timely ;
  • to receive the return on these activities in the form of financial profit;
  • to increase its energy efficiency;
  • to implement improve energy efficiency plans by analyzing current energy consumption relative to the expected;
  • to introduce and apply various legislative, regulatory, contractual and other requirements and obligations in the daily activities of company.
  • to fulfill an important regulatory function in climate change.



Applying to our company for the development of the energy management system , you get:

  • development and assistance in the implementation of the energy management system by qualified specialists with experience in the development of EnMS in accordance with the ISO 50001 requirements, environmental management systems ISO 14001 and many other industry management systems in all the major areas of expertise;
  • confirmation of the conformity of the energy management system with the certification body with the international accreditation of the ANAB in the CIS;
  • certificate of compliance with the ISO 50001: 2011 requirements of the International Network of IQNet Certification Bodies;
  • possibility to pass certification of the integrated management system for compliance with the requirements of 2 or more standards.



  • Draft order on the development and implementatiiron of an EnMS on the ISO 50001: 2011 requements basis 
  • Energy Management Policy development 
  • EnMS documented procedures development (indicative list):
  • ES "Legislative and other requirements"
  • ES "Training, Competence and Awareness"
  • ES "Internal Audit"
  • ES  "Documentation Management"
  • ES "Management of External TNPA"
  • ES  "Monitoring and measurement. Conformity Assessment »
  • ES "Consultation and information exchange"
  • ES  "Infrastructure"
  • ES "Operations management. Energy efficiency »
  • ES "Preparedness for emergency situations, accidents and responses"
  • ES "Hazard Identification and Risk Management"
  • ES  "Target and planned energy indicators. Management Programs»
  • ES "Inconsistencies, Correction, Corrective and Preventive Actions"
  • ES "Infrastructure. Power equipment, power supply»

Providing methodological assistance:

  • training planning organization for energy management requirements (draft training plan);
  • methodical instruction MI "IMS. Infrastructure.The order of rationing and accounting for the consumption of basic, auxiliary and fuel-lubricating materials ";
  • providing projects of organizational and administrative documentation for the implementation and maintenance of the IMS documentation;
  • draft orders for the IMS documents implementation;
  • draft order on the  internal auditors group creation and training;
  • provision of draft documents on company's activities environmental aspects identification, their significance assessment, drawing up of registers of environmental aspects of the company and units;
  • methodological assistance in planning company internal audits in accordance with the  ISO 50001: 2011, ISO 19011: 2011 requirements;
  • joint internal audit in accordance with the ISO 50001: 2011, MS ISO 19011: 2011 requirements;
  • methodological assistance in documenting the internal audits results;
  • meeting with the company top management and a auditors group based on the internal audit results at the company;
  • providing the draft of year EnMS program;
  • advising on the introduction of changes to the personnel instructions and the Regulations on the units in accordance with the ISO 50001 requirements;
  • draft reports provision on monitoring and evaluation of the EnMS efficiency;
  • draft reports provision on the EnMS functioning analysis;
  • providing methodological assistance in the documents filing for certification ;
  • providing methodological assistance during the certification audit.
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