OS Gazprom 9000 series



The complex of OAO Gazprom standards for the quality management systems of the “OS Gazprom 9000 series” was approved by Gazprom order dated February 27, 2006 No. 56.

Complex OS Gazprom 9000 series - a number of industry standards, based on the system of international standards ISO 9000 and their Russian versions - GOST R ISO 9000.
OS Gazprom are mandatory for all participants of the industry chain and, in addition to the international standards ISO 9000 basic principles, take into account the specifics of the industry.
The main objectives of OS Gazprom 9000 series introduction:

  • Creation of conditions within a competitive market environment that prioritizes the consumers interests and ensures their guarantees in obtaining  required quality from the supplier;
  • Enterprises competitiveness increasing by improving product quality and creating a more efficient management system;
  • Creation of mechanisms and procedures for objective control over the standards requirements fulfillment by suppliers from both customers and quality management system certification bodies.


Thereby, Gazprom implements the creating a corporate quality management system policy within the framework of quality assurance and competitiveness of consumed products. Simply put, OAO Gazprom has established an obligatory system of standards for suppliers, QMS of which could serve as a guarantor of the supplied products quality.

From the QMS complying with the requirements of the OS Gazprom 9001 introduction, the enterprise derives benefits that are of fundamental importance:

  • the company becomes a partner of Gazprom and, accordingly, gets access to profitable contracts;
  • increasing the company's competitiveness by gaining the benefits of implementing QMS: optimizing organizational processes, reducing the number of production costs, identifying hidden resources, improving the production culture, etc. This makes the company one of the best in the industry.


• Our company successfully developed and helped to implement the QMS complied with the OS Gazprom 9001 for 17 organizations in the Russian Federation territory;
• BelProjectConsulting LLC cooperates only with the certification bodies accredited in the GAZPROMCERT voluntary certification system;
• The cost of our work is 1.5-2 times cheaper than the cost of similar Russian consulting organizations.