Our services for the development and implementation of management systems



BelProjeсtConsulting LLC is one of the leading developers of management systems in the Republic of Belarus and abroad. Over 10 years of work, more than 400 management systems of Belarusian and Russian enterprises have been prepared, implemented and successfully certified by our specialists in accordance with the requirements of standards: ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, STO Gazprom 9001, HACCP, ISO 13485, ISO 27001, ISO 22000 , FSSC 22000, ISO 20000, GMP and others.

There are successfully implemented 17 projects to develop and implement quality management systems to meet corporate standards of STO Gazprom 9001 in the territory of the Russian Federation.

More than 8000 specialists from enterprises of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation visited our training seminars in order to raise awareness and competence, gain knowledge of management systems.

Our company cooperates with the leading national and international bodies for the certification of management systems operating on the territory of the Republic of Belarus and abroad.
Here are a some of it:



Work specificity assumes that the organization has an authorized (responsible) employee, which is in charge of management system (hereinafter MS)/integrated management system (hereinafter ISM), the IMS functioning and improvement in the organization and once a year (while the certificate of conformity is valid) and he fully accompany a certification body that conducts conformity assessment for all structural units that cover the scope of the certificate (s) as a organization representative.

1. During the CM (IMS) implementation , the authorized employee is responsible for:

  • organization of the timely approval process of documents developed by the consultant LLC BelProjeсtConsulting;
  • the organization of the timely alignment of the enterprise's executing documentation with the requirements of the documents of the ISM and NAP, TNBA Belarus (in accordance with the consultant LLC BelProjeсtConsulting recommendations);
  • timely recommendations fulfillment of , organization and coordination of the IMS implementation, provision the compliance with the requirements of the developed MS (IMS) documents;
  • organization of all the required current technical studies, meetings on MS (IMS), reporting on the work to the top management of the enterprise.

2. The consultant of BelProjectConsulting LLC is responsible for:

  • development of all OSs, MS Guidelines, draft orders, and all specific MS documentation (ISMs) for planning, analysis and reporting in the Schedule plan;
  •  timely provision of all necessary information and forms of documents within the framework of the QMS being developed (does not include technological, production, design, regulatory and executive documentation - provided in the case of presence in the information base of BelProjeсtConsulting LLC);
  •  joint internal audit in accordance with contractual obligations and the provision of a draft report on its results;
  • development and provision of log forms required for identification and traceability in the framework of the developed and implemented MS (IMS);
  • holding necessary meetings within the framework of contractual obligations and the provision of draft reports on them;
  • consulting control over the standards implementation, timely and prompt informing the top management of the enterprise on the development and implementation of MS(IMS);
  • support during the certification audit and provision of assistance in eliminating the identified inconsistencies in the MS documentation and consulting advice on the elimination of identified inconsistencies in production activities within the scope of the CM (IMS).

3. Heads of the Enterprise and responsible executors in the areas are responsible for:

  • timely logistical and financial support for the developing and implementing MS (IMS) process, national/international standards requirements;
  • participation in the MS (IMS) documents development and harmonization;
  • organization of job descriptions and  departmental provisions actualization in accordance with the requirements of the MS (IMS);
  • organization of prompt implementation of the consultant LLC BelProjeсtConsulting recommendations, all planned activities, corrective and preventive actions based on the results of ongoing surveys and MS (IMS) internal audit  in accordance with the implemented standards requirements;
  • participation in the reporting documentation preparation, processes monitoring and MS (IMS) analysis by the top management.