Technical regulations

The Eurasian Economic Union, which arose on the post-Soviet territory, has become one of the most powerful subjects of financial and economic life on a planetary scale. Moreover, an objective fait accompli was the formation of a single mechanism for technical regulation and conformity assessment within the framework of the Eurasian Economic Commission, which determines the procedure for certification, declaration, state registration of products.

Technical regulations - technical normative legal acts on products groups and types, including a description of the procedures that ensure the operation of this mechanism, as well as the implementation of common approaches and requirements.

Unified list of products in respect of which mandatory requirements are established within the Customs Union

Adopted technical regulations of the Customs Union

Technical regulations of the Customs Union, which came into force

Projects of Customs Union technical regulations and amendments thereto

Technical regulations of the Customs Union under development

Typical schemes of conformity assessment (confirmation)